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saaaaaaaaaaame, my ex best friend loved them so sometimes she made me watch them. there’s a reason why we’re not friends anymore hahahaha

I hate horror stuff so much

like, I can do zombies and stuff (sometimes, depending on the medium and the genre) but that’s pretty much it (speaking of which, you should read Feed xD)

and psychological horror is the worst because holy shit

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never watch that movie ok

yeah, no worries

I avoid horror stuff like, well, it’s horror xD

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it reminded me of that horror movie (mirrors?) when a girl’s reflection ripped her jaw off.. ew

thank you for tonight’s nightmare

go to bed

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omg sam go to bed you’re scaring me it’s 4.17 am


sorry hun

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I wonder which is worse: looking into a mirror and seeing a stranger standing behind you, and then turning to around to find no one there

Or finding a stranger actually standing behind you?

I just don’t really feel like being on here today, so tomorrow will be another “no queue” day sorry

but I am technically always on hiatus, so…

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You think he’s searching for his brother but he’s lying to everyone, he’s started his own life. He doesn’t want anything to do with anyone, he’s moved on.
— Paul Wesley on Stefan in S6 (via sexwithstefan) —
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"This season could very well be our last."


It seems those are the exact words Ian used. So he did not confirm he is leaving after season 6. (I don’t know).

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The will definitely be Delena scenes in 6x01


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delenaswan1864 said: This means the whole show is ending right? Like they won’t drag it out without Damon?

If it’s true, which apparently might not be (damn), then yeah, the show would most likely end. Without one of the core three it’d be pretty impossible to continue on.

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